Hi, I'm Katie. I was born the year of the first ever mobile phone call, Live Aid and Windows version 1.0. Marty Mcfly was neither past nor future; he was present. The youngest of five children, on 30 July, 1985, out I popped. 


I started writing DROP cross-legged on my bed in a dingy flat just off Wandsworth Road, where the windows rattled every time a bus went past. I was in a bit of a spin in those days. Just out of uni, in the big city... I suppose my angst spilled onto the page. I love YA and, as a designer, I've been fortunate enough to work on so many amazing books. It's a dream to have my own in the mix.


I like breakfast (see pic, it's in my top three meals of the day), acrobatics, words, pictures, tortoises, chocolate spread, adventuring, and hanging out with my enormous family.


Nine things (because I can only think of nine right now!) you might not know about me:


1. When I was five, I wrote a story about a boy who found a magic screw in his lasagne. When he bit it, the world around him turned all the colours of the rainbow. Pretty much every story I wrote back then ended that way.


2. The first novel I remember reading cover to cover is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


3. As a child I wanted to be an acrobat. I even had a trapeze.


4. I love plane food. Something about everything being miniaturized appeals to me.


5. I’ve driven two elephants.


6. My nickname is Muffin, but I have no idea why.


7. I collect rocks. They’re cool. No, really, they’re super cool.


8. I have epic vivid dreams almost every night. 


9. When I was younger, I gave my dead hamster CPR and he came back to life.